Green Card Interview: Must-Know Immigration Interview Questions

After applying for the visa to study in the USA there is an interview in USA Embassy taken by the Interviewer. Visa Interview is the last part of your Visa application process. USA visa is of different types like F1 VISA, H1B Visa, H1 Visa, B1Visa, etc., before applying for the Visa we need to choose the purpose of taking Visa. The USA is a great place to complete studies of higher education or getting a good pay jobs. To visit the USA or for study purposes people who are not from America need Visa. There is also specific requirements and documents to provide for getting H4 visa.
The person should be eligible for Dropbox on the date of dropping the documents. If I am applying for a J visa, my current DS-2019 is issued by the same institution as the institution listed on my previous visa. #8 If I am applying for an H or L or R visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months. If you got your visa stamp in Mexico, Canada, or any other non-Indian country, you are eligible. Drop off your passport along with the listed documents mentioned in the submission letter at one of the 11 service centers. The US embassy can issue a green form 221 and ask you to visit in person for fingerprints.
If you’re in line for a green card, it’s important to keep track of actual changes in the Visa Bulletin. As always, we’ll highlight all the important changes for you. Canada is a best place for the skilled international worker to get high pay for their work. So, in order to work in canada people need to apply for the Canada work permit Visa. It is nthe temporary work visa for the foregin employees who get jobs in Canada.
Hi Guys,Did any one had an experience for drop box called for interview. l1a visa was called for interview after submitting the documents , can any once share your experience and also share what are all the documents required to carry for an interview. I am eligible for the visa waiver program and can drop my application in the nearest drop box to my hometown. If I Reschedule the appointment, Am I still eligible for drop box?
The US company that the employee will work for must file the petition on behalf of the L1 worker. The US company is the petitioner, and the L1 worker is the beneficiary. As soon as I engaged VisaPlace all that worry and stress was gone.