Is a Live, Silent, or Online Auction Best for Your Nonprofit?

You can also consider grouping items into themed packages or creating a special section for high-value items to create more excitement and competition among bidders. SilentAuctionPro is a web-based multi-user team environment designed to allow for the creation of an online, hybrid, or even in-person auction event. The platform ranges in both pricing and offerings, their services varying from branded receipts to bid sheets and much more. Other features and benefits from the acquisition help to improve your experience by creating an easy and powerful online auction.
The auction software should allow you to collect the online payments from the winning bidder through multiple modes like credit/debit cards, net banking, payment wallets, etc. Providing different online payment mode options is essential as it leads to customer satisfaction and will encourage the buyers to return to your auction events repeatedly. When it comes to an online auction, if the participants bid on the product or service they intend to purchase, they need to have the latest information about the last bid. Your auction software should be capable of capturing the bid and updating it online on a real-time basis. Wrong bidding information to the participants can create confusion and conflicts.
Participants are usually given access to an online catalog of available auction items and encouraged to browse through items at their own pace and then bid on those that most interest them. Silent auctions are auctions without an auctioneer present and where participants place their bids silently and anonymously. They can be a very effective fundraising strategy for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.
The always-reliable Greater Giving is another fabulous partner we’ve been working with for years, who can help guide you and simplify the process. Murad Auctions has been in the business since 1998 so we’ve seen it all! Our powerful technology and experienced team are here to increase giving and save time and money in the process. Learn more below or contact us with the details of your event and we can customize a proposal for you.
Have a fun night planned where the winning bidders can have local cuisine at their favorite restaurant, followed by karaoke. Comedy night is a popular event for date night and will bring in high bids. Get backstage passes to a local event or concert in your area to add to the items on the silent auction list. Backstage passes are a hot ticket at auctions because people want to see what happens behind the scenes and get a front-row seat to a live event or meet a musician. silent auction donation consist of attendees bidding over items in real-time, where the highest online bidder will win the item. Auctioneers facilitate the live auction with a fabulous stage presence and presentations to sell the items at high bids.
If you have specific needs such as event tickets, customized invoices, or popcorn bidding—just ask the auction site if their platform has these customizations. Sumac offers a robust CRM solution with an optional auction component. This enables all the data that your organization captures to flow seamlessly to your Sumac CRM. Charity Auctions Today offers packages ranging from $497 – $597 per auction. They also have a free starter option that takes a 5% performance fee off of auction sales. AccelEvents provides a balance between functionality and affordability, allowing fundraisers of any size to increase their proceeds and usability without sacrificing any needed features.